How to upgrade from StarTeam 4.2 to StarTeam 6.0 Using MS SQL Server.



How to upgrade from StarTeam 4.2 to StarTeam 6.0 Using MS SQL Server.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 4.2
  • Windows NT, Windows 2000


Because StarTeam 6.0 does not include a feature to upgrade from 4.2 it is necessary to first upgrade to an intermediate step. For this upgrade we recommend you upgrade your StarTeam server software to Starteam 5.3 Sp1 with the latest patches applied before you perform the 4.2 to 5.3 server configuration upgrade.. The following is a list of tips for upgrading from StarTeam 4.2 to StarTeam 5.3 and then 6.0. For additional information, please see "Upgrading Server Configurations" in the StarTeam Installation Guide.


1. It is necessary that you have the last version of StarTeam 4.2 prior to the upgrade process. If you have a version of StarTeam 4.2 prior to Service Pack 3 (Build 4.2.742), you should upgrade to this version prior to attempting the 5.4 upgrade. StarTeam 4.2 SP3 can be downloaded from the following location if needed:


2. It is always recommended to have the latest updates for the 5.3 Sp1 Server prior to upgrading as well. StarTeam 5.3 Service Pack 1 can be downloaded from the following location:


The Patches you will need for this upgrade can be obtained at:


and the readme for the patch


Registration codes for both StarTeam 5.3 and 6.0 can be requested online here:

3. It is recommended that you first perform the upgrade in a test environment. This will help you determine the amount of time the upgrade procedure will take and may assist you with scheduling downtime. This also gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the process as well as determining if there will be any difficulties with the live upgrade. Please reference the following articles for assistance with moving/copying to a test environment:

Access - How To move a StarTeam repository with MS Access
MS SQL - How to Move a StarTeam Repository with MS SQL

4. Make certain that the Server starts under StarTeam 4.2 in the test environment to verify the that copy process was successful prior to attempting the upgrade operation.

5. If you are upgrading a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database, ensure that the Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle client is installed on the computer running StarTeam Server. You must also establish connectivity between the database server and the database client. For MS SQL Server, use the Enterprise Manager and Register a new SQL Server. For Oracle, use the Net8 Configuration Assistant. See your database?s documentation for details.

For 5.3 and 5.4 Oracle users you must follow the directions on updating the Oracle ODBC driver. The default Oracle ODBC driver for Oracle is not compatible for 5.3 or 5.4 and must be updated in manner described in the "Upgrading Server Configurations" in the StarTeam Installation Guide.

6. In releases prior to StarTeam 5.2, file status information was stored by the server in a database table. To improve performance, StarTeam now stores status information on the client workstation. Users can store this data centrally or on a per-folder basis. This is probably an item for personal preference. Please advise users to make their decisions and select the desired options when they use StarTeam for the first time after the installation or upgrade. Explanations of the two ways to store status can be found in the StarTeam User?s Guide.

7. Before you upgrade the server, Borland recommends that you ask users to check in all the files that need to be checked in. Unless users move their file status information before the upgrade, all files will have the Unknown status because the file status table is no longer in the database. In most cases, the File\Update Status command can determine the actual status of the file, but it is best if the user already knows that everything of importance is Current. For example, files with the Merge status will remain Unknown even after the File\Update Status command runs.

8. Users can move their file status information to their workstations prior to the server upgrade. Even if they do not, they need to decide where to store file status on their workstations. They can store it centrally (the default) or per-folder. They need to select one of the methods before opening projects and checking files in and out.

See "Moving File Status Locally" for steps to move file status information to the client machine.

9. Make a complete backup of the StarTeam 4.2 server including the configuration files, database, and entire repository. If you have have not previously tested the the restore of your Starteam Repository, it is recommended that you do so before the upgrade of your production environment.

10. During the upgrade process tables are added to the database and the database more than doubles in size. With an Access database the upgrade may cease to function as the database reaches it?s functional limit in size. Please ensure that database is Access 2000 format or later before beginning the upgrade as its size limit is larger than previous Access versions. It may be necessary to repair and compact the DB on more than a single occasion and restart the upgrade process if these limits are reached.

11. You will need registration information specific to 5.4 to run the 5.4 products. You want to make certain you have this information available before upgrading. Your maintenance agreement needs to be current to obtain this information. Contact you Account Manager to move forward to obtain this information. You can request your new 5.4 server and client activation keys at: .

To upgrade from StarTeam 5.3 to StarTeam 6.0

1. If you do not already have the StarTeam 6.0 registration codes request them online here:

2. Download StarTeam 6.0 and request StarTeam 6.0 registration codes. The latest version of StarTeam 6.0 is available online here: ->Download ->StarTeam ->StarTeam (Again choose the version for 6.0)->You may be prompted to log in->Download the StarTeam server and the Utilities.

3. Install the StarTeam 6.0 Utilities, then Install the StarTeam 6.0 server software.

4. Within the StarTeam 6.0 Server Tools highlight your 5.3 server configuration and click "Upgrade".

This upgrade should take significantly less time than the 4.2 to 5.3 upgrade and there are no file status issues to be concerned with.

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