TrackRecord DAB files



In my TrackRecord directory, I found a bunch of files ending in the file extenstion DAB.  What are they?  Are they necessary for TrackRecord to run?


DAB files are backed up TrackRecord DAT files.  DAT files are the Data files which make up your database.  TrackRecord will automatically generate these backup files when you do a database backup or when you select the compact database option during a rebuild.

These file are not necessary for TrackRecord to run and are ignored by the TrackRecord client.

To restore a database from DAB files, do the following:

1.  Remove all other files from your database directory

2.  Rename your *.DAB files to *.DAT

3.  Run the TrackRecord rebuild utility on the DAT files.  The utility will rebuild your database files.

Old KB# 11626
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