Created On:  23 February 2011


Borland Management Suite (BMS) and Borland Search Server (BSS) will not run concurrently on the same machine.


Borland Management Suite (BMS) and Borland Search both require Apache Tomcat to run. Apache Tomcat is unable to run multiple applications with a single instance.  To run both applications on the same machine multiple instances of Apache Tomcat are required.  Following is a brief step by step guide to running more than one instance of Tomcat on a single machine:

1.  Install Tomcat file to appropriate directory
2.  Make directories for each instance
3.  For every instance create a directory that will be CATALINA_HOME
4.  Configure the ports and/or addresses for each instance. Tomcat listens to at least two network ports, one for shutdown command, and one or more for accepting requests
5.  Modification to ports and/or addresses are made within the ‘server.xml’ file.

External reference:
Incident #2503498