Created On:  17 January 2012


The following error message appears when opening an existing CR in the StarTeam CPC,

Stack Trace:
 at com.borland.starteam.gui.swing.EmbeddedEditorsPane.addEditor(
 at com.borland.starteam.gui.swing.EmbeddedEditorsPane.editItemsEmbedded(
 at com.borland.starteam.gui.swing.EmbeddedEditorsPane.editItems(
 at com.borland.starteam.gui.swing.EmbeddedEditorsPane$1.isValid(


The stack trace suggests that there is a problem with the current Embedded Editor setting.

To enable/disable the Embedded Editor, click on the icon shown below, which is located on the top menu of the StarTeam CPC.

Try opening the CR again.
Incident #2554571