Created On:  23 February 2011


When using the VCM command line utility, if the user password is passed in either when prompted or when using a password file, the connection will fail and the log file will show,
2011-01-31 09:08:25 StarTeam View Compare/Merge Utility version 11.0.75 (SDK
2011-01-31 09:08:25 Copyright (c) 2006-2009 Borland Software Corporation. All rights reserved.
2011-01-31 09:08:25
2011-01-31 09:08:25 Connecting to StarTeam server
2011-01-31 09:08:27 Error: 'PwdFile' file is not accessible: xxxxxxxxx.txt
2011-01-31 09:08:27 Application took x.xx seconds
2011-01-31 09:08:27 Return code: 1 (Failure)

This may also cause the Administrator account to be locked out of StarTeam.


This error is caused by the method which the user credentials are passed in when making a connection to StarTeam using the VCM command line ustility. When the username and password are passed in through the command line directly then this issue will not occur. The error arises when the password is omitted from the user credentials and passed in either when prompted or by using a password file.

The result is that the username is ignored and the VCMUtility attempts to make a connection with the StarTeam "Administrator" account instead. The password provided will therefore be incorrect when attempting to connect with the Administrator account and the connection will fail. This can cause the Administrator account to become locked out of StarTeam if multiple attempts to connect are made.

This problem exists in Cross Platform client releases up to and including Patch 12 ( The problem has been identified and resolved and it will be included in subsequent releases of the StarTeam Cross Platform Client.
Incident #2499468