Created On:  10 October 2011


I'm having trouble understanding icon decorations in Eclipse with the StarTeam Integration.


In Eclipse select ‘Windows | Preferences |Team | StarTeam’

"Label Decorations (for Provider) – General" tab:

"Label Decorations (for StarTeam) – General" tab:

In both cases, the ‘Icon Decorations’ tab can provide more icon decorations / options to be displayed.


Similarly, the ‘Text Decorations’ tab allows you to modify the content of the information shown.

shows (under ‘Package Explorer’)...

Several other parameters are available by using the ‘Add Variables’ button.

There are also some additional options in the ‘Synchronization Perspective’.

Navigate, or open, the StarTeam Eclipse Synchronize View (Team Synchronizing Perspective) to show the ‘type’ of change (as above).

Under 'Preferences', select 'Show all synchronization information...'

As an example, this is the difference between...


Incident #2527987