Created On:  16 July 2010


When attempting to create a new Star Team configuration using the server Administration Console the following message appears:

" Failed to create data source. Error message: Component not found in the registry"


This usually occurs because the database compatibility level is set to a version that is incompatible with StarTeam version you are using. For example you may be using SQL Server 2008 and StarTeam 2009 which are not compatible.

To resolve this:

  1. Navigate to the SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Exapnd the "databases" tree
  3. Right click on the StarTeam database
  4. Choose Options
  5. From the Compatibility Level list choose the version of SQL Server that is known to be compatible with the version of StarTeram you are using. (Please refer to the release notes included with your Star Team installation in order to find the support SQL Server versions)
  6. Save your changes and attempt the creation of the new configuration again

If you are still receiving problems please contact Micro Focus Support.