Creating a Discussion Thread


Members of the project team with Administrator or Contributor roles can create and reply to discussion threads. When a task is blocked, a new discussion thread will automatically be created. 

  1. From the Teamboard, click the Discussion bubble on the top right menu. The Discussion panel will slide out.
  2. Click the gear symbol in the top right of the Discussion panel and select New Discussion. A new discussion window opens in the Discussion panel.
  3. Enter a title for the thread in the Enter a Title field.
  4. Enter the message or topic for the thread in the Enter a messagefield. You can use common tagging protocols such as:
    1. #story number to link directly to a story card
    2. @user to tag a user in the discussion. A notification will be sent to the user that a discussion has been started that may be of interest if notifications have been configured in the StarTeam Server.
  5. Click Post.
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