How do I get a list of people who reported Defects?



How do I get a list of people who reported Defects?


QATrackRecord's queries can be used to get a list of defects (or other items) that satisfy certain criteria. Normally, the output of this kind of query is the list of items that matched.

It's easy to extract parts of those items and use those parts as the output instead. By using this technique, you can get a list of the people who reported defects.

  1. Click the New Query toolbar button.
  2. In the Types list, locate the defect type and click on it.
  3. In the second list, click the Assignment field.
  4. In the third list, click and drag the Entered by field into the lower, gray window. When you release the mouse button, a query arrow should appear. The upper window will switch from the Types, Subtypes, and Fields tab to the Query Tools tab.

To produce the list of Persons in the Entered by field:

  1. On the Query tools tab, select Person in the Output type group.
  2. Save the query by clicking OK, and give it a name.
  3. Attach the query to a header in the Outline view.
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