ERROR: Unknown file mapping error or file is too large



ERROR: Unknown file mapping error or file is too large


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.x
  • All supported Operating Systems


This error can occur when checking in large files, typically 300 MB or greater.


For 5.2 an Enhancement was added to the Starteam 5.2 Server Patch 6 - (this fix was included in all later patches also)

25. Allows you to add or check in extremely large files. Problems may occur with file sizes of 300 MB or greater. The solution is to turn off both compression and delta storage for large files.

By default, these settings are on. You can adjust them per file inside StarTeam. However, this patch allows you to manually alter the starbaseserver.ini file. Then the server watches for files that match the limitations you set and turns the compression and delta storage off automatically.

The following new starbaseserver.ini options (shown with sample settings) exclude files from compression and delta storage:

CompressionOffFileExt=*.zip; *.avi
DeltaStorageOffFileExt=*.zip; *.avi

The sample settings ensure that you are not compressing or storing deltas for any file with either the .zip or .avi extension and whose size equals or exceeds 300 MB.

The size setting for these options must be in bytes.

Rules for extensions: You can use wild cards. You can type multiple extensions separated by commas, spaces, or semicolons. To include a comma, space, or semicolon as part of the specification, enclose the specification in double quotation marks, for example, "Big File.rtf".

The following example turns off compression and delta storage for any file whose size equals or exceeds 300 MB, regardless of extension.


If some options are missing or set to no value, the server turns off compression or delta storage based on only the existing criteria.

For 5.3 large files are easier to work with, file archive sizes have increased from 2GB to 4GB with this release.

New StarbaseServer.ini file options can make it easier to perform operations on large files. These options can be added to existing server configurations in the StarbaseServer.ini file and are automatically generated (but not set) for new server configurations.

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