Error 12 when trying to open the database


This article explains why an Error 12 message occurs when opening the database with TrackRecord 4 and earlier versions.


When opening the database, I get error message: Error = 12 and then TrackRecord exits. What should I do?


This error means one of the following:
  1. You may not have write permission to the database directory. Be sure that your network administrator has assigned these privileges to your for the DBASE directory.
  2. The path to the database in the TR.INI file is not correct. Edit this local file and correct the path in the "databaseDir=" variable. This file is located in the working directory of your Track Record executables.
  3. Someone may be in the shared database exclusively or you are attempting to get exclusive access to a shared database when there are other users in the database. Make sure all users have Network=Yes in their TR.INI file. If anyone has Network=No, you will get this error. There is a check box in TrackRecord called "Network Enabled" under File > Preference where you could change this variable in the TR.INI file. Network enabled simply means that the database is either in a shared mode or not. It does not mean that the database is located on the network.
Note: TrackRecord 4.x and below is no longer supported. For more information on upgrading to the client/server version of TrackRecord, please contact your Micro Focus sales representative.
Old KB# 14693
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