Created On:  07 November 2011


StarTeam 2009 R2 is configured to run as a service on Windows Server 2008.  The service will run successfully first time, however, subsequent starts will fail.

The StarTeam Server log file displays the following error messages:

Exception thrown from Unknown: Class = SA_DBMS_API_Error, Code = 2714(0x00000a9a)
Msg =
DECLARE drop_cursor CURSOR FOR  select from sysobjects a, sysusers b where type = 'V' and a.uid = b.uid and = user_name() and ( like 'SYN_%' or like 'DW_%') DECLARE table_cursor CURSOR FOR select id , stname , sqlname from ctables

There is already an object named 'syn_ServerSettings' in the database.
        [Stored procedure name] = install_database_views


This is caused by enhanced security on the Windows Server 2008 operating system.  To resolve the issue the StarTeam database user must have ‘dbowner’ privileges.  The StarTeam Service will start initially because the views and stored procedures will exist and be owned by ‘dbowner’.  However, on subsequent service starts the views and stored procedure need to be rebuilt. Without the ‘dbowner’ privilege granted, the database user will not be allowed to complete this task, resulting in the StarTeam service failing to start.  Setting ‘dbowner’ has no impact on other databases. Granting this privilege will only affect the StarTeam database user.
Incident #2537799