Story Acceptance


StarTeam Agile Story Acceptance

Stories now have an Accepted state, so users can differ from stories that have their work completed but as yet have not met Acceptance Criteria.  Acceptance Criteria would be typically set by the Product Manager or the owner of the Story and reviewed at the end of each Sprint.

Setting Story to Accepted

When a Story is marked Completed, the Story Card will have an added slider button that says Completed. To change the story to Accepted, simply click the button and the Story Status will be updated to Accepted.


How to track Accepted and Completed Stories

1.  Insight Panel (Teamboard View).  The point’s bar chart indicates the amount of Story points which have been Accepted\ Completed.

 2.  Sprint Panel.  This can be reviewed from within the Backlog Ranking View.  It displays the same information as the Insight Panel except when “current”.  When you are working within a current Sprint the Team Burndown will be displayed and NOT the Story Types.

 3.In the Breakdown Backlog View users can filter the entire Product Backlog for a view of Accepted\ Completed Stories to date.



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