Created On:  25 February 2011


How do you query a StarTeam database to return information on deleted files?


The following query will return details of files deleted in StarTeam. Information includes:
  • File name
  • Dot notation
  • Name of user who deleted file
  • Time of deletion


  syn_user.full_name [Deleted By User Name], [Project Name], [view], [File Name],
  syn_file.dotnotation [Dot Notation],
  CAST('01/01/1900' AS DATETIME) syn_viewmember.deletedtime [Deleted Date]
  INNER JOIN syn_user ON = syn_viewmember.deleteduserid
  INNER JOIN syn_file ON = and syn_viewmember.classid = (select id from ctables where stname = 'File')
  INNER JOIN syn_view ON = syn_file.viewid
  INNER JOIN syn_project ON = syn_file.projectid
-- optional clause - if you require *only* file information deleted by a specific user, include the following 'where' clause. For example,
-- WHERE syn_user.full_name LIKE '�ministrator%'
ORDER BY [Deleted Date] DESC