Created On:  05 October 2011


StarTeam hive is running out of space. How do I increase the amount of available space for my server configuration?


If your original hive is low on space, you can add one or more new hives using the Hive Manager. You should also use the Hive Manager to display the hive properties of the original hive and deselect the "Allow new archives" check box.

This setting allows the original hive to remain as a check-out location, but prevents it from storing any new files. Files that are added/check-in will go to the new hive.
Detailed documentation for managing Hives is available in the  "ST_Server_help_En.pdf" file that is installed with the StarTeam Server

If there is not have enough space on the hard disk(s) to add a hive, try and reclaim some space using the suggestions given below. However, please note that these measures will help to resolve the issue only temporarily. To achieve a permanent solution, a new hive has to be added.
  1. Delete the contents of the cache folder by following the steps below:
    1. Shut down the server
    2. Delete the files inside the Cache Folder (e.g.: Repository\DefaultHive\Cache)
    3. Start the server again. (Note. The cache will only be re-populated with files that are subsequently being check-out.)
  2. If tracing had been enabled for the server configuration, the server saves a trace record for each file that is checked out in a trace file (.trc file). Check the Trace Folder in your repository and clear the old trace files based on time stamp.
  3. If creation of diagnostic (.dmp) files had been enabled for the server configuration, there could be many dump files present in your repository folder. Delete the old dump files based on time stamp.
  4. Delete old StarTeam server logs. Please leave at least 15 days of server log as they may be required for troubleshooting StarTeam issues
  5. Running purge will permanently delete the files belonging to deleted Views or deleted Projects; this will help to free up some space. Please note that deleting the Project will delete all the associated views. Starting from StarTeam 2009, you can use the Online purge operation. Before StarTeam 2009, only offline purge is available.
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