StarTeam License Report



StarTeam License Report


StarTeam License Report

Create a textual report of total time spent logged on StarTeam server per user based on logon and logoff timestamps obtained from StarTeam server logs (one log per server configuration restart).

Take all StarTeam Server.en-US*.Log files from StarTeam server configuration"s Log Path and put them into "logs" subdirectory. This "logs" subdirectory can be found in the same directory as this README. Then run "StarTeam License Report.bat". The utility can parse more than log at once and the report reflects data from all the logs provided.
The result will be stored in file "Report.txt". Files "Report.csv" and "Report.db" may be used for further analysis/troubleshooting.

Format of Report.txt
First column contains username, second column contains sum of time spent on all sessions in minutes. Values equal to zero mean the total time is less than 1 minute. Zero-time or broken (*) sessions aren"t counted in any report. Two sessions with the same CID but different username are filtered out too.
(*) broken session means logon without logoff here

Manipulation with data in DB
Either via commandline (see bin\sqlite3.exe --help or or via GUI (

Example: Win R, cmd, OK.
"StarTeam License Report.bat"
bin\sqlite3 Report.db
SELECT * FROM Sessions;

Export of CSV into Excel
Open excel with empty sheet, Data/Import External Data/Import Data.
Choose Report.csv, Open.
Keep "Separator", Next.
Change Separator to "Other", fill in a tilde sign "~". Change "Text qualifier" to apostroph """, Next.

Now the column A contains the usernames, column B logon times and column C logoff times.
You can change the format of columns B and C to Date and count a difference.
You may find useful the "Subtotals" function that can be found in Data/Subtotals.

cut.exe, sed.exe and sort.exe are parts of GNU Utilities for Win32 ( and are licensed under GNU GPL sqlite3.exe is part of SQLite ( and is licensed under GNU GPL too

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