Creating URL links for CR in Web Edition Client



Creating URL links for CR in Web Edition Client


Information in this Brief applies to:

Product Name : StarTeam

Product Version : 6.x and above

Product Component : StarTeam Web Edition Client

Platform Version : All supported platforms

JDK Version : All supported JDK versions


This article details the steps to create a URL link in StarTeam Web Edition client


If the StarTeam server is configured for email, then it is possible to send CR?s as email to the users. There is an option ?Include Link To Item? that can be enabled to send URL link of this CR. The following steps gives the details :

1. First of all, the StarTeam server has to be configured for email. Following link, provides detailed steps on how to setup email with the starteam server.

2. In the StarTeam server administrator, go to Server Configurations -> General tab -> Enable Email support. Give the SMTP server name that has been configured in the computer that is running the StarTeam server. Default port is 25. Refer to Administrator?s Guide (Enabling Email notifications section) for details.

3. To send the CR, both the sender and the recipient of CR should have valid email ids. Configure this in the User Manager. Refer to Administrator?s Guide (Setting up User?s and Group?s section) for details.

4. Restart the server

5. In the web client, select the CR for which a URL link is required. The button ?Send via Email? is now enabled. By using this you can send the CR server by email. Also there is a check box, ?Include Link To Item? for getting a URL link to this CR. Enable this check box, and a link to the CR will be generated in the contents of the email.

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