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Terminal Servers


StarTeam and Terminal Servers

Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 3.x, 4.x, 5.1
  • Windows 95, NT, 2000


Due to the different pathing scheme that the Windows NT Terminal Server/Windows 2000 Advanced Server / Citrix operating environment uses for each user logon, the StarTeamclient may be unable to find a needed file. This may result in StarTeam client GUI acting like it is notregistered, or not accepting the registration code even though the code iscorrect.


To be able to run StarTeam in a Terminal Server environment, the user will need to identify the current system directory being used by theoperating system. If you are uncertain what a given user"s %systemroot% is,StarBase has a small utility called WinDir.exe (you can obtain it from StarbaseSupport)to aid in identifying the %systemroot%. This will display the current system directory being used by the operating system.

Once this is complete, the user will need to copy the mfcsbvf.dll (mfcstlv.dllfor StarTeam 5.1),installed by StarTeam by default to the C:\WINNT, to the users %systemroot%, directory displayed by the WinDir.exe program. After the file has been copied to the appropriate directory, theuser will then need to open the StarTeam Client and register it using the Client Activation Key they purchased.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the Windows NT Terminal Server/ TerminalServices Provided by Windows 2000 / Citrix operating systems are not tested for the StarTeamproducts, nor are they officially supported.

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