How to enable PowerBuilder9 to use ORCAS scripting.



How to enable PowerBuilder9 to use ORCAS scripting.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam SCC Integration 6.0
  • PowerBuilder 9.0.1 Build 7056 & Higher
  • StarTeam Tool Bar


To take advantage of ORCAS scripting in PowerBuilder 9 you must use the correct version of the StarTeam SCC integration and you must have the StarTeam Tool Bar installed.


You must install the StarTeam SCC integration version 6 as well as the StarTeam Tool Bar. The tool bar is part of the "Typical" installation of the StarTeam client.

Use the StarTeam Tool Bar to log onto the StarTeam server.

The user name/password is loaded into memory for StarTeam.

When the ORCAS script is run the SCC calls made by ORCAS will use the credentials held by the StarTeam Tool Bar to permit access to the StarTeam server.

As long as the StarTeam Tool Bar is running ORCAS scripting can be used. Once the tool bar is closed the user will be presented with a log on dialog for the ORCAS script to use to access the StarTeam server.

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