Created On:  17 October 2011


For the purpose of troubleshooting certain type of issues, Micro Focus Support will request for Wireshark log to be captured from CaliberRM Client / StarTeam Client. What are the steps to capture the Wireshark log?


Please find below the steps to capture a Wireshark log from a CaliberRM client:

1) Download the appropriate Wireshark installer from .

2) Install Wireshark in a CaliberRM client machine. This machine should be a different machine from that of the CaliberRM Server.

3) After installing Wireshark, please follow the steps to capture the log.

(i) Launch Wireshark
(ii) From the menu, select Capture -> Interfaces... to launch the Capture Interfaces dialog.
(iii) Identify the appropriate network interface and click the Start button
(iv) Go to CaliberRM client -> Reproduce the problem (E.g. Running a Document Factory report or Generating a Requirement grid)
(v) In Wireshark you should be able to see the packets being captured
(vi) On completion of the test (e.g. completion of DocFactory Report or problem had been reproduced), switch back to Wireshark and select the menu option Capture -> Stop
(vii) Go to File -> Save. In the 'Save file as' dialog, select an appropriate location and enter a name for the file. Then click the 'Save' button to save the file.
(viii) Zip the saved file and send it to Micro Focus Support. If the log files are too big, please contact Support to get a FTP location to upload the file.

Similar steps have to be followed to capture a Wireshark log from StarTeam client.

Note. For certain types of issues, it may be more appropriate to capture Wireshark log on the server machine. Depending on the needs, Micro Focus Support will advise accordingly.