Created On:  27 October 2010


Consider the scenario where a company has three Belise license certificates for StarTeam and each license certificate entitles a certain number of users to use StarTeam. At any one time, a user can only be assigned to one license certificate. The problem arises when a user attempts to check out a license when all licenses for that certificate have already been checkout while the other two certificates still have licenses that are not used at the moment. As one may expect, the check-out fails.

To illustrate with an example, consider the following output from Belise 'cmd status' command:

Pool1 – 2 licenses
    Available license: 0
Pool2 – 8 licenses
    Available license: 6
Pool3 – 10 licenses
    Available license: 10

User3 is assigned to Pool1. When User3 logs in, he will receive a "No License Available" error because there are no more licenses available in Pool1 even if Pool2 and Pool3 still have licenses available.

This is the expected behavior as the StarTeam server is not designed to check-out the licenses from other certificates that are not assigned to the user.


A quick workaround would be to re-assign to the user, a different license certificate that still have available licenses for check-out.

A longer term approach would be to request for the merger of the license certificates into one license certificate. The number of licenses in the new license certificate will be the sum of the all licenses in the original certificates. This will allow all the licenses (entitled to the server) to be utilized before running into a "No License Available" error.

If you would like to merge your license certificates, please contact Micro Focus SupportLine.
Incident #2472266