Created On:  13 September 2012


StarTeam 12.5 Workflow Designer and Layout Designer support for Custom Components


Custom Components can be used in conjunction with Workflow Designer and Layout Designer 12.0. 

The current version of Layout Designer is not able to work with the 'new' custom field types introduced with StarTeam 12.0 and later.  These include field types

  • Boolean
  • Enumerated (multi-select)
  • Time span

The latest available version of Layout Designer that supports all field types is StarTeam 2009.

A Multi-Select Enumerated custom field in the 12.5 CPC (the 'Supports multi-select' check-box is selected) will not appear in the Layout Designer controls list, and cannot be placed on a form. However, a non-multi select enumerated field should work as expected. This is a limitation of the 12.0 Layout Designer tool, and unfortunately there is no workaround at the moment.

StarTeam 13.0 will include a repackaging of WorkFlow Designer and Layout Designer to include all new features of the 12.X and later versions.  Including an updated Layout Designer which will be able to use a selection of the new field types.

Incident #2591342