How to have duplicate CRs in various views



How to have duplicate CRs in various views


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2006, 2006 R2, 2008
  • Product Component: CPC, VCM
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows XP

We create change requests for a certain version on our software. But very often, we need to create the same change request for previous versions of the software as well (Branch view). We have been searching for a easy way to do this without success. The compare/merge process is way too complicated for our staff that creates the change requests.

Basically the only option other than VCM is to Share the CRs into the other views. Depending on how the views are created, this is most likely the only option. The default behavior on shared CRs is to branch on change, so there would be a CR that was exclusive to that view once it is edited or changed in either view. Of course if branching of the CR is undesirable (for example, you"d have a 1.0 revision of the CR and a revision, both unique to the containing view) then the CR can be set to not branch on change and then changes will float from one view to the other. Whether branching is desirable or not is based on the business and dev practices of the organization, but most times, it is best for the CR to branch.

So, if there is a CR or group of CRs that users want to take from the parent view (or any other view) and share them into another view, select the CRs in question, hold CTRL and drag the items between the two views to the new containing folder. After that, go into Change Request --> Advanced --> Behavior and set the branching behavior to the organization"s preference. Then the CR will be shared into the views that are required by the development practices.

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