Quick Start Guide


Ready to get started with StarTeam Agile? This section contains the basics you need to get going with StarTeam Agile. 

  • Installation Requirements - StarTeam Agile is installed using a single installer. If you do not have StarTeam installed, it will install everything you need to get up and running with StarTeam Agile. If you already have a StarTeam server set up, you can connect to it by entering the configuration information. For additional installation information, see Installation Information.
  • Create a project - Once you have installed, StarTeam Agile, the first step for the StarTeam Agile Administrator to create a project for you and assign you as the Project Administrator.
  • Add team members
  • Build your backlog
  • Start planning releases and sprints - When you are ready to start planning, you will need to create a release before you can start creating sprints. During sprint planning, the team will add stories to sprints. 
  • Once the sprint begins, the team can track progress and manage tasks via the Teamboard..
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