Created On:  21 June 2010


Selecting the ‘add...’ button in a Change Request form to add an attachment, the add attachment dialog will not display and the Cross Platform Client (CPC) will hang.


This can be caused by a known issue with the Java JFileChooser.

There are a number of possible reasons for this: 

  1. The client machine has a shortcut on the desktop that is no longer valid, (e.g. a shortcut with a broken link)
  2. The client machine has a changed default folder icon for a shortcut.
  3. The client machine has a shortcut to the desktop itself on the desktop.

This JFileChooser issue was intitially reported against Java Version 1.5.0.  Further information can be found at

If this issue still persists after attempting to resolve the above steps, please contact Micro Focus SupportLine.
Incident #2442776