Maximum number of custom fields that can be created



Maximum number of custom fields that can be created


Use the formulas below to calculate the size for your custom field:

Locate Change, File, Requirement, Task or Topic in CTABLES table in the STNAME column and find the SQLNAME. Look at the design of that table to determine the size of that table.

Custom Field Type --------------------Field Length
Integer, UserID, and Enum fields 4
Date Time 9
Real 8
Text of length 1 to 254 3 * the length (you selected in StarTeam)
Text 255 or greater 16

These values are in addition to the fields/columns created by StarTeam.
So, adding the fields/columns that are already created by StarTeam (Table Properties) you add the field length for any custom field(s) you create.

When you reach the maximum row size for the database you are using you cannot add additional custom fields/columns.

SQL/MSDE has a maximum row size of 8000. Oracle and DB2 row maximums depend upon the block size the customer sets. We recommend that they set it to 32K which would give them a row maximum of 32K

Since each configuration is unique as to the type and number of custom fields there is no "max" number of fields. It has to be calculated per configuration to determine the "max" number.

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