Created On:  24 April 2012


Following a reboot of the StarTeam server, the following error is seen:

Error 1050 - Service did not respond in a timely fashion


This issue can be caused by the StarTeam server process failing to shutdown properly.

Windows has a set timeout period to allow services to perform a shutdown operation. Once the timeout is exceeded, the service is forcibly killed by windows to facilitate the reboot. In longer running operations such as shutting down the StarTeam server this can cause undesired effects, such as the loss or corruption of the "starteam-server-configs.xml" configuration file

If the configuration XML file needs to be rebuilt, follow the related article listed at the end of this document.

The timeout value can be adjusted with care by editing the registry. A full backup should be taken first and it should be noted that the change may also affect other services which take longer to shut down.

The value to be edited is:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \System \CurrentControlSet \Control] WaitToKillServiceTimeout

The value is the time allowed in milliseconds. To ascertain an appropriate value, consult the StarTeam server logs to find the average shut down time.

Once this value is adjusted, an operating system reboot is required in order to take effect.

Incident #2570405