StarTeam 5.2 GUI doesnt appear after login



StarTeam 5.2 GUI doesnt appear after login


* Full Product version(s) : StarTeam 5.2

* Full Platform version : Windows.

* JDK version : NA

* Applicable component : Client.

Problem Description

StarTeam 5.2 client doesn"t appear, as soon as you enter the password, it continues to "refresh" the folders etc, but then no screen appears. In other words, the progress bar moves completely but there after no GUI screen appears.

But StarTeam 2005 R2 client works fine in the same machine. Also, it happens only in one machine which is a DELL Latitude D610 Laptop.


Please try if you can log in as a different Windows user on that machine?

If it works, then it points that some corruption in the client configuration files, which are located in the Windows user"s home directory.

The file is , StarTeam.ini

for Clients

pre-5.4 version:

\\Application Data\Starbase

? server list StarTeam.ini ? client options

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