What does this particular access right mean exactly?"



What does this particular access right mean exactly?"


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2006, 2006 R2, 2008
  • Product Component: CPC, Server
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows

What does that access right mean/do exactly?

Most access rights are pretty self-explanatory, but a few are named something cryptic that is not very descriptive of what they do.

  • Perform Maintenance
    • This access right allows users to change the revision comments on historical revisions of an item. This means they can go to the history tab, select a different revision and right-click->edit comments. This could be a bad thing if they are not supposed to be in there.
  • Modify Properties
    • This allows a user to go to an item"s properties and change things like name, description, working folder, lists, etc. This access right needs to be strictly controlled or the whole project could be jeopardized.
  • Share/Move out of folder
    • This allows users to share or move items from the container. The thing to be aware of is that access rights for folders and their contents will follow that item to its new location when shared or moved.
  • Change behavior or configuration
    • This access right allows users to change an item to branch on change or not and to set the item to floating, as-of, or to a labeled or promotion state configuration. this is another access right to be careful of when assigning.

All of the access rights are described in the StarTeam Administrator"s Guide. The best way to learn what all these do is to study this guide and try them out in a test server. This will help the Administrator decide what access rights should be assigned to the user base.

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