StarTeam 6.0; Cross Platform Client 7 - Windows Platform



StarTeam 6.0; Cross Platform Client 7 - Windows Platform


Patch #7 for StarTeam Cross-Platform Client 6.0
Build 6.0.082


  1. Labels are now sorted by timestamp throughout the Cross-Platform Client.

The following is also included in patch #5

  1. Resolves issues where setup.h and did not contain the correct release number references for the universal installer.
  2. Removes automated pinging to enable StarTeam Cross-Platform Clients to time out when the Inactivity Timeout is set greater than 9 minutes. Includes the addition of a new command line ping option for installations that don?t require clients to timeout due to inactivity. Users will want to use this option when they run into disconnection problems due to firewall issues.

New command line option:

-ping ;

Windows shortcut or command line specification

"\Bin\StJava.exe" -f "\StarTeamCP.stjava" -- -ping "\StarTeamCP.stjava" -- -ping


"C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam SDK 6.0\Bin\StJava.exe" -f "C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam Cross-Platform Client 6.0\StarTeamCP.stjava" -- -ping 3

Installation instructions

This patch is a full installation for the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client.

Download :

Old KB# 28409
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