Created On:  15 March 2011


Does StarTeam support AWE (Address Windowing Extensions)?


AWE (Address Windowing Extensions)

AWE is a set of API's that enables programs to address more memory than is available through standard 32-bit addressing. It enables programs to reserve physical memory as non-paged memory to the program's working set of memory. Enables memory intensive programs to reserve large amounts of physical memory for data, without having to be paged in and out of a paging pool. Data is swapped in and out of of the working set and reserved memory is in excess of the 4GB range. Additionally, the range of memory in excess of 4GB is exposed to the memory manager and the AWE functions by PAE. Without PAE, AWE cannot reserve memory in excess of 4GB.

Star Team does not support AWE.

StarTeam currently has 4 modes for the server. 
  • Native 32 bit (Memory caps at 1.6 GB)
  • 32Bit with /3GB switch enabled at the OS level, enables the server memory to grow to 2.6GB
  • 32Bit on 64Bit, does not require /3GB switch, allows memory to grows to 3.6GB
  • Native 64 bit
StarTeam is compiled with the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE switch which provides extra memory whenever available
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