Why are the named licenses not getting activated?



Why are the named licenses not getting activated?


Why are the named licenses not getting activated?

  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005
  • Product Component: Server
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows


Even though there are four named user licenses, licenses are pulled from the floating license pool. Named user licenses will not get activated.


- Check if all the Named license keys are added to the StarTeam Server.

To check if the licenses are already added and to add them if it is not, go to StarTeam Server Tools (Start Menu-> PROGRAMS -> StarTeam->STARTEAM SERVER, select the option for StarTeam Server). At the bottom of the Server Tools application is the "About" button, please select this and then License in the following screen. If the named licenses are not there, click on the button for "Registration" and input the named license keys.

- Check if the named license keys are already there

Open up Server Administration(Start->Programs->Starteam->StarTeam Server->Server Administration) .

Click the User Manager button, select on a particular user by highlighting and click on "Users" on the top Menu bar and choose the option add named license. Please choose four users for four named licenses. Then they will be using named licenses only.

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