Registration Tips for Starteam 5.1 and Higher.



Registration Tips for Starteam 5.1 and Higher.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • Starteam 5.2 and later Server
  • All Supported Platforms


When receiving your Starteam Server License keys, whether they are brand new keys or additional keys for a current Starteam Server installation, you will be required to apply the new keys into the Starteam Server to make them active. This document addresses some common issues encountered by our users when applying news License keys.


When you receive the new Serial Numbers and Activation Keys from "", Borland Support or your Account Manager you are required to input the keys into the Starteam Server for activation.

Windows and Solaris Platform Starteam Servers: You can either add the keys through the GUI or the StarteamServer.exe command line.

  • For the Windows GUI, just go to the Windows START menu, then to PROGRAMS and then STARTEAM SERVER, select the option for StarTeam (or Starbase) Server. This will launch the Java based "Server Tools" application from which most of your set up and start up of Starteam Server will occur.
  • For the Solaris platform you can launch the same dialogue by "cd"-ing into the directory where Starteam Server is installed and typing ./servertools, this will launch the same Starteam Server Tools application described for Windows users above.
  • For both platforms, at the bottom of the Server Tools application is the "About" button, select this, the following splash screen has a button for "Registration", select that button to input your new keys.

In the situation where you are adding a replacement key that will add new fixed user licenses or have upgraded to a higher version of Starteam Server, for example from "Enterprise" to "Enterprise Advantage", when you cut and paste your new Serial Number and Activation Key into the dialogue, the old key will be replaced. A restart of Starteam Server is necessary for these licenses to be activated.

In the situation that you have added additional licenses via the Concurrent or Floating license scheme, you only have to add the new Serial Number and Activation Key to the list. The Concurrent license must be for same version and level of the Starteam Server as the fixed licenses are for. You cannot add Enterprise Concurrent licenses to a Starteam Server that is registered to run as an Enterprise Advantage server. Standard Concurrent licensing is currently not available. A restart of Starteam Server is necessary for these licenses to be activated.

Using the Starbaseserver.exe command line utility adding a new key must be done following the same basic premise. The new license will replace the old one of the same kind, concurrent keys will append the list of licenses for the server.

From the Starteam Server Administrators Guide, Appendix D:

  • -serial Number (See also: -access, -license, -eval)

    Registers StarTeam Server as a licensed version. Use this option with the -access option. The first time you start StarTeam Server you must register the application as either a licensed version or an evaluation copy. If you need a serial number/access key combination or an evaluation key to extend your evaluation period, contact The serial and access numbers in the example below would be replaced with actual serial and access numbers.

    Example: starbaseserver -serial 1234567890 -access 9999999

After adding new Fixed licenses to Starteam Server you must open the Starteam Servers User Manager, available through either the Client"s "Tools", "Server Administration" menu, and add "Anchors" to the users that have been named as the new holders of the new licenses to allow those users to sign into Starteam.

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