Created On:  31 March 2011


A StarTeam Notification Agent instance can be migrated to another machine when there is a need to change the server running the Notification Agent. But what are the steps needed to prevent the old notifications from being re-sent by the new Notification Agent instance.


Please follow the steps below:

1. Stop the notification agent on the old server.

2. Go to the working folder of the notification agent, typically located at C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam Notification Agent.

3. Gather all the files with the following extensions and copy them to the new machine. Place them at the new working folder of the Notification Agent.


4. Use the Notification Agent Setup utility on the new server to verify that the server configuration details are valid. 

5. Run the Notification Agent program and select a valid configuration to start.


1. The set of files (.tsp and .tasks.dat) will provide the new Notification Agent with all the data regarding the tasks and the times that the previous Notification Agent had performed before being shut down. With this information, the Notification Agent will continue from where it left off.

2. The .nac file contains the StarTeam Server configuration and email account details.

3. For more information on the Notification Agent, please refer to the StarTeam Workflow Extensions guide.
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