Adding and Editing Project Story Tags


Project tags are added to the project by the project administrator based on the individual project's needs. Stories can be tagged to help with searching and categorization from either of the Backlog views by dragging and dropping tags onto the appropriate story. Stories can also be filtered based on tags to make planning easier. For example, you can view all stories from a specific customer or by the severity of defects if you have the stories tagged appropriately.

Note: Tags will not migrate with a story when it is moved to another project backlog via Info Streams. 

  1. From either of the Backlog views, click the tag icon on the right side of the Backlog menu bar. The Tag management pane will open on the left side of the screen.
  2. To add a new tag, click the add tag icon at the top of the Tag management pane. A blank field will appear.
  3. Enter the tag in the blank field and click Save. The tag will appear in the list below.
  4. To create nested tags, select an existing tag then enter the sub-tag in the blank field and click Save. The child tag will appear below the parent tag. Only the child tag can be applied to a story.
  5. To tag a story, select the tag from the Tag management panel and drag it to the story. If you select a child tag, both the parent and the child will appear in the tag. For example, you will see Defect: Sev 2 when you drag the Sev 2 tag to a story.
  6. To remove a tag from a story, select the tag in the story line and click the x.
  7. To completely delete an existing tag, select the tag in the Tag management panel then click the trash icon.
    1. If you delete a tag, the tag will also be removed from stories previously tagged with it.
    2. Deleting a parent tag will also delete all child tags.

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