Tagging Stories


Adding tags to stories will make it easier to identify stories based on themes determined by your team because you can filter stories in the backlog based on tags. Tags are visible in the Backlog as well as on the story cards. 

Tags can be nested into categories, such as:

  • Priority: High, Medium, Low
  • Type: New, Enhancement, Usability
  • Source: Product Management, Customer, Internal
StarTeam Agile supports two types of tags:

  • Server Tags - These tags are added via the StarTeam server by the StarTeam Agile Administrator. These tags are available to all current and new projects in StarTeam Agile. They are used to provide for consistent tagging across all projects.
  • Project Tags - These tags are added by the Project Administrator to their project. These tags are only available within the current project. 

When a story is shared with another project via Info Stream, the tags will not migrate with the story in the new backlog. You will need to reapply the tags when the story is added to the new backlog. Server tags can help ensure consistent tagging formats across backlogs. 

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