Msg = Invalid object name "CTSTRC"



Msg = Invalid object name "CTSTRC"


Following an apparently successful restoration of a database from one machine to another the following error (or similar) is encountered in the Starteam log. The Starteam server does not start:

Msg = Invalid object name "CTSTRC".
[Function Name] = CStDatabase::Open
[ODBC Error] = State:S0002,Native:208,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]
7 00000004 2006-01-18 15:24:54 Exception handled at CStServerApp::RunBackground_LoadGo: Class = CDBException, Code = 4294967295(0xffffffff)
Msg = Invalid object name "CTSTRC".

Solution: The CTSTRC table (and possibly others) has not been fully restored to the new machine. Check for this and compare the type and amount of tables available with those from the original server machine. Try again the restoration of the database. If again this fails, ensure that the backup itself was not based upon a user who did not have access to the missing tables. If necessary, take a fresh backup and restore that to the new machine.

Old KB# 28094
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