Created On:  26 March 2012


When a Datamart extraction ends the program will display an exit code. What are the possible exit codes and what do they mean?


Exit Code   Description
 -1 Datamart extraction was interrupted.

Either it was manually stopped, the PC was shut down or rebooted, or the process was killed in some way
 0 Extract was successful.

There can be situations where the extract failed but an exit code of 0 is still thrown. In this case, something outside of the process caused it to terminate

Review the Datamart log to identify what caused the failure
 1 An OS failure

Usually nothing is written to the logs so this exit code is rarely seen, but it does still occur
 2 Indicates a "Data source name not found and no default driver specified " error

The ODBC or JDBC connections needs to be investigated
 3 Indicates a login failure to the StarTeam Server

Check the username and password and retry

Most communication issues with the StarTeam Server will throw an exit code of 3
 4 The StarTeam server is not available

Datamart has tried to connect but could not find the server

Solution is to start the server and check the connection
 5 Datamart ran out of memory while executing or had some other memory issue

Often resolved by tweaking the associated "Datamart .stjava" file. Please contact Borland Support for assistance with this issue.

Runtime errors and java issues will throw an exit code of 5. Please contact Borland Support for assistance with this issue.

The code often results in a lot of connections/process open to the database. If this exit code occurs then the DBA may need to clean up any connections that Datamart opened prior to erroring out. 
 6 Error thrown during extraction phase

Indicates that the server is being locked/connection timed out

Could also be thrown when StarTeam server connection and StarTeam database connection do not match or table names are invalid