Created On:  05 October 2011


When upgrading from Star Team 2005 R2 to 2008 R2 the following error occurs after selecting "Actions | Upgrade" from the 2008 R2 Server Admin tool.
Dropping constraint F18 for table S19
Dropping Index F19 and F20 for table S20

Unable to allocate a new page for "�tabasename%" because of insufficent disk space in the filegroup primary


This issue is caused by the StarTeam database growing to a file size more than 4096MB during the upgrade process.  This can occur if the SQL Server version being used is the Management Studio Edition or SQL Express. These versions limit the maximum size of an individual database to 4096MB.

The solutions to this problem are:

Upgrade SQL Server environment to a licensed version which will accommodate database sizes greater than 4096MB (recommended).

Attempt a purge of the StarTeam database to remove data no longer needed thus reducing the overall database size (temporary workaround).