Created On:  31 October 2010


StarTeam server process, StarTeamServer.exe, communicates with the Belise License Server, through its own license server proxy process, StarTeamLicSvr.exe.

This StarTeamLicSrv.exe process is started up by the StarTeamServer process during startup.
When the StarTeamLicSvr process is started successfully, the StarTeam server log will show:

13        00000001  2010-06-29 20:56:22  License server proxy successfully started. The following licenses are loaded:
14        00000001  2010-06-29 20:56:22  96404 (StarTeam Enterprise Advantage 2009, Concurrent License, Borland License Server,

If the StarTeamServer is experiencing communication issue with StarTeamLicSvr process, it will attempt to shut it down and restart it and the log will show something like below:

80821     00000004  2010-07-15 18:08:28  License server proxy runtime error detected. The server will attempt to reload the license server proxy module.
80822     00000001  2010-07-15 18:08:29  License server proxy shut down.
80823     00000004  2010-07-15 18:08:29  License server proxy initalization failed. License server functionality is not available for users.
80824     00000001  2010-07-15 18:08:29  License server proxy shut down.
80825     00000004  2010-07-15 18:08:29  Exception handled at BLSProxy::Start: Class = StSocketException, Code = 4(0x00000004)
               Msg = Socket write error. 

In this instance, the re-start of the StarTeamLicSvr fails as well.


Determine whether the process StarTeamLicSvr.exe is running using the Windows Task Manager.

If this process is not running, the only solution is to restart StarTeam server. This is because the StarTeamLicSvr.exe cannot be started manually.

Prior to the restart of StarTeam server, check that the Belise license server is up.

If the problem persists, contact Micro Focus Customer Care.