How to add a not-in-view folder in StarTeam 2006 CPC



How to add a not-in-view folder in StarTeam 2006 CPC


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2006
  • Product Component: Cross Platform Client
  • Platform/OS Version: All


If the customer has a folder or folder tree that they need to add to a project, how is that done in StarTeam 2006 Cross Platform Client?


First, make sure the folder is copied to the Project or view"s working directory. If the working directory for ViewA is C:\StarTeamWorkingFolders\ViewA, then copy or move the folder from the current location to the exact position in C:\StarTeamWorkingFolders\ViewA that you want the folder to appear.

Open up the StarTeam client and access the project or view you wish to add the folder. Now, click on Folder Tree on the menu bar. Make sure "Show Not-In-View Folders is checked.

In the folder pane in the client, navigate to the location where you added the folder in the working directory. It will be reflected in the client in the same exact location you added it in the working directory.

The folder will appear with a white folder icon with dotted line edges. If you select this folder, you can see that all the items in the folder show up as not-in-view.

You can either add the individual items as you would a normal in-view folder, or you can right-click the folder and select Add To View. this will add that folder and only that folder. Any subfolders will not be added. You will need to right click each of the subfolders and add those as well, if that is so desired.

The individual items in the folders will need to be added as normal also.

One other way to make this a bit quicker and with fewer mouse clicks is to select the main not-in-view folder, and then click on All Descendants to display every item in the not-in-view folders. You can then select all of the items and add those files. This will create all the folders that had items. Empty folder will not be created. you will have to Add those to the view separately.

Author: Donnie Nix

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