StarTeam 5.4 : 54Server6



StarTeam 5.4 : 54Server6


Patch #6 for 5.4.142 - 5.4.152 for StarTeam Server

Installation instructions

This patch requires that StarTeam Server 5.4.142, 5.4.146, 5.4.148 or 5.4.152 be installed first.

Backup your database and repository before applying this patch.

Install silently to the last location StarTeam Server 5.4 was installed to
Shutdown the StarTeam Server and close the Server Tools application.
Run -> Server6 /s -a ?n
Re-open the Server Tools as desired.

To install and be prompted for the installation folder
Shutdown the StarTeam Server and close the Server Tools application.
Install Server6.exe, it will prompt you for the location of your installation folder.
Change the location if necessary.
Re-open the Server Tools as desired.


  1. Resolves Japanese character input problems for some edit controls.
  2. Allows for the upgrade of project custom fields when upgrading from 5.3 to 5.4. You must re-upgrade your repository to resolve this issue.
  3. Resolves a corruption problem when an archive file goes over the 4,294,967,295 byte limit. Revisions could not be checked out after the limit was exceeded.
  4. Resolves a StarTeam Server intermittent crash when attaching labels to multiple items at one time.
  5. User ID and full names are both included in the UsageInfo.txt and UsageInfo.sig reports.
  6. Resolves a problem that occurred after a Purge was stopped in the middle of the operation. Subsequent purges would hang.

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Old KB# 28419
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