Created On:  25 April 2011


When checking out by a label attached to a previous revision, the file checks out to the location of the tip revision.  For example:

1. Attach "Label A" to file
2. Move file from "Folder 1" to "Folder 2"
3. Attach "Label B" to file
4. Check out by Label, specifying "Label A"
5. File will check out to "Folder 2"


This behaviour is as-designed behaviour for StarTeam. The check-out by label operation does not configure the view "as-at" the label, then check out all files. The check-out by label operation checks out all files which are attached to a given label. Therefore in the example scenario, as the file still has Label A attached after having moved to Folder 2, the file will be checked out to it's latest location in Folder 2.

To check out files as-at a view label:

1. Click View | Select Configuration
2. Choose the required label from the dropdown
3. Click OK
4. Check out required files

The file will then be checked out to the location where it resided when the label was attached.
Incident #2509629