Created On:  27 October 2010


When configuring StarTeam Server to run as a Windows Service using a local user account, the following error occured:

Pop-up dialog box:

"The selected configuration failed to set as service. The most likely cause is invalid login configuration. Do you want to enter it again?"

Server log:
101       00000004  2010-05-19 15:16:47  Exception handled at CStServer::DoCommand: Class = CStServerException, Code = 1020(0x000003fc)
                Msg = Configuration policy does not allow you to login.


This error will occur if you have not entered the local machine's computer name when you set StarTeam Server to run as a Windows Service using a local user account.

To resolve this issue,  use the format 'Computer name\UserName' in the User name field:

Generally speaking, the use of the builtin 'Local System account' to start StarTeam server as a service is simpler and less prone to issues (e.g. the user account password may expire and the service will fail to start). So use the user account only if the company's security policy prohibits the use of the 'Local System account' to start StarTeam server.

Note that the user account must also be a member of the Windows 'Administrators' group.
Incident #2454167