ERROR: StarTeam cannot read



ERROR: StarTeam cannot read


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • Starbase Server 5.2
  • Rational Rose 2002, StarTeam SCC integration for Rational Rose


Integration issue between StarTeam and RationalRose.

In Rational Rose, when trying to add a Roseproject into StarTeam by going to Tools/Add-In/Version Control/Add to VersionControl, clicking "Yes" button when prompted to browse for a StarTeamproject produces the following error:


This error only happens when the integration is using Microsoft"s Java VM.


Pre-requisite: StarTeam SCC Integration for Rational Rose has beeninstalled.

This error only happens when the integration uses Microsoft"s Java VM. Thereare 2 workarounds.

1.) The recommended way is to switch to Sun"s Java VM when integrating withRational Rose.

In your StarGate SDK installation folder, "Lib" folder, modify thestjvl.ini to point to the Sun"s Java VM like such.


JVmDll=C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.3.1\bin\hotspot\jvm.dll

(Make sure this file exist in your machine, of course. This Sun"s Java isinstalled with StarTeam)

2.) There is a way to make MS Java work for the Rational Rose Integration butit is not recommended since it requires modification of the C:\WINNT\java\trustlibdirectory like such.

a.) Browse to the installation directory of the StarGate SDK. In the"Lib" folder, there is a "starteam-sdk.jar" file.

b.) Open this jar file using WinZip and highlight the contents and extractthe contents to C:\WINNT\java\trustlib directory. (The "starteam-sdk.jar"files contains 2 root folders and some files that gets extracted to the "trustlib"directory.)

c.) Restart Rational Rose and try to integrate again.

Modification of the contents of the trustlib in WINNT directory is notrecommended. In addition, future releases of the StarTeam"s SDK will not updatethe trustlib directory. A change request/bug report has been entered for thisissue.

Old KB# 28515
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