StarTeam 13.0 and 13.0 Update 1 releases


This is the parent page for the latest StarTeam 13.0 and update 1 releases.
This page will be the placeholder for all new CPC, SDK, CPC and integrations released for the 13.0 and 13.0 Update1 release.

Latest Server build available.

StarTeam 13 server HF4 is now available:

The following fixes are contained in patch 4 (build
Provides the functionality to redo the attachment upgrade to help customers who are missing attachments after upgrade. All the attachments have be available in the local attachment folder and the production vault should be available to the upgrade process. A new server config option UpgradeMissingAttachments has been added and it should be set to 1 for the attachments to get re-processed,

Re-run the upgrade process with the following server configuration option.
<option name=”UpgradeMissingAttachments” value=”1”/>

Running the Server upgrade with the above option would identify all the attachments which were not converted or missing from the vault and attempt to move them from the old attachment folder to the vault. Once the upgrade is completed, the option is reset to 0.

Please note that the path to the old attachment directory should be provided correctly in the input box during upgrade and also ensure that the production vault is accessible to the process

Available for download now on the link below:
Product download page:

Latest CPC build available:

We have released a new CPC this week 24th March 2014. StarTeam CPC 13.0 HF 13 is now available.

The following fixes are contained in patch 13 (build
(SDK) File Status now works correctly on Unix platforms when the parent folder path is set to a symbolic link.
(SDK) View names now appear in item history, even if the logged in user has no access to the view.
(SDK) stcmd update-status now displays and reports pre and post status correctly.
(SDK) stcmd now provides a new move command implementation
(SDK) Name based folder URLs with spaces are now processed correctly.
(SDK) stcmd select changes from change package report supports dynamically constructed embedded query constraints.
(SDK) stcmd select linked-items report supports ‘next build’ label based queries.
(SDK) stcmd select report for clause supports fully qualified folder paths
(SDK) stcmd –s now supports -epwdfile
(CPC) RPI 1092763 Manual traces now float by default when created
(CPC) Translate User provided string (A user has already been logged on for this session)
(CPC) Address Context Menu Keyboard Short Cut Inconsistencies
(CPC) RPI 1092890 Tasks Created in Agile now show the default creation dates consistent with tasks created through the CPC
(CPC) RPI 1091128 Delete working Files is no longer selected by default when updating the workspace. 

This new build is available to download on product support page.



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