Re-sort on items



How do I re-sort my items?


TrackRecord items are sorted based on information supplied in the query just above the sorted set of items. Unless you request sorting in a query, items are not sorted - they appear in the approximate order they were entered into TrackRecord. The items can be reordered manually (see Q: How do I manually rearrange items?), or you can change the query to specify how you want the items to be sorted. Only the header that is immediately above a set of items controls how its items are sorted, its parents have no effect. For example, to view a list of defects sorted by Priority:

  1. Open the Outline report named Recent Activity.
  2. Locate the header corresponding to the set of items you want to re-sort.
  3. Click on the header to highlight it.
  4. Select View > Sort and choose a field on which to sort from the menu. The sorted results appear after a few seconds.
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