Can Notification agent send emails on all file changes?



Can Notification agent send emails on all file changes?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2006, 2006 R2, 2008
  • Product Component: Notification Agent
  • Platform/OS Version: All Windows platforms

Does Notification Agent for StarTeam support sending a notification email every time a file is checked in or changed?


Currently, StarTeam Notification Agent does not support this functionality. The reason is that when bulk check-ins occur, the Notification Agent and email server would be overloaded and potentially crash the system and cause multiple problems on the network. In many development environments, the developers will check out the entire project, make their changes and check the entire project back in. If Notification Agent triggered emails to all parties that wanted to receive emails, the server could potentially be looking at thousands and thousands of emails going out at one time. This would not be acceptable in most organizations.

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