Resolving the error, "No Current Record"



Resolving the error, "No Current Record"


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.1.264-StarTeam 5.2.196 SP1 using MS Access as the database type.
  • Windows NT, 2000, XP


When trying to check in a file revision the error will be displayed "C:\working folder\... No Current Record"


In order to resolve the issue it will be necessary to have MS Access 2000 installed or to copy the MS Access .MDB file to another system where Access 2000 is installed and then copy it back.


This error is resolved by opening the MS Access database and running a compact and repair operation with the server stopped.

1. Shut down the StarTeam server.

2. Because MS Access stores it"s databases with a .MDB format you can double-click the .MDB file to edit the database.

3. Within MS Access click "Tools"->"Database Utilities"->"Compact and Repair Database..."

4. A progress bar will indicate the percentage completed, once the compact and repair is completed the progress bar will finish but there will be no additional indication that the compact and repair has completed.

5. Now restart the StarTeam server and the error should no longer occur when attempting to check in files.

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