Created On:  14 February 2011


In the Web Client Item Table, only a subset of the item's properties/fields are displayed for each item. The fields/columns displayed in the Item Table are defined by the selected filter. While it is possible to modify the filter to add or remove item properties using the Cross-Platform Client, there is another way to show additional item properties and that is the subject of this article.


For each item displayed in the Web Client Item Table, there is a hidden or embedded section that can be expanded (unhide) to display more details of the item. This is controlled by clicking on the (expand) and - (hide) symbols located in the first column of the Item Table. The picture below shows the embedded items (Synopsis, Description and Fix) for CR #1.

The default Embedded Item details for each item type are as follows:

• CR - Synopsis, Description, Fix
• File - Description
• Requirement - Name, Description
• Task - Task Name, Notes
• Topic - Title, Description

Recognizing the unique requirements of each customer, StarTeam Web Client allows the customization of the Embedded Details section to include additional item details. To do so, Administrators create custom HTML templates containing additional item details and place them in the directory [StarTeam WebServer install folder]/apache-tomcat-5.5.27/shared/BorlandStarTeam. If a custom template is found for the current type, that template will be used to render the embedded item details section.

The required file names for the different custom HTML templates (if used) are:

• changerequest.details.html
• file.details.html
• requirement.details.html
• task.details.html
• topic.details.html

Below section illustrates the steps involved in the creation of a Custom Change Request Details Template:

1. Create a new file named changerequest.details.html in the folder C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam 2009 Web Server\apache-tomcat-5.5.27\shared\BorlandStarTeam\ .

2. Edit the file using a text editor.

3. Type the following code content in the Editor. Note that each item property is enclosed by ~~ (e.g. ~~Synopsis~~).

4. Save this Custom Details template file.

5. Restart the StarTeam Web Server.

6. Login to the StarTeam Web Server using the Web Client and select the appropriate Server, Project, View and Item Type.

7. Click on the  symbol of a CR to view the embedded item details.

Below screenshot shows the customized embedded item details for CR #1:


1. Borland StarTeam 2009 Installation Guide. Note that the section 'Creating a Custom Change Request Details Template' is introduced only from patch 1 (Build of StarTeam 2009 Web Server. Download the latest install guide if this section is missing.

2. StarTeam Cross-Platform Client Help (StarTeam 2009). For detailed lists of the fields that can be modified for each Item Type, refer to the Fields chapter under the Reference section (page 911).
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